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Addi’s Faith Foundation is dedicated to ending childhood cancer.  Our purpose is to fund childhood cancer research as well as provide financial and emotional support to families struggling to care for a child with cancer. We believe that there is a cure out there and together we can find it.

Join in Addi’s Week of Hope

Day 1: Print & color of picture of Hope the monkey and let her join your family. Take Hope around with you and share her by posting pics on social media. #addisweekofhope

Day 2: Do something kind for your family.

Day 3: Say a prayer for children battling cancer.

Day 4: Show love to a cancer child by making them a get well card.  Send it to AFF and we’ll get it to the kids (2410 Riverway Oak Drive – Kingwood, TX 77345).

Day 5: Gold shirt! Take  a photo & post on social media “I did it!” #addisweekofhope Tag on  Facebook     Twitter     Instagram

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  • Addi's Story

    Addison’s life was short, but full. She was an amazing little girl who reminded us of what is important in this world. She never did learn to talk…
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  • Apply For Assistance

    AFF provides financial assistance to families who are caring for a child with cancer. If you or someone you know, would like to apply, please submit the application.
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