Foods to try:

    • Eggs are filled with protein and can be cooked with as much or as little seasonings as the patient would like
    • Nuts can be taken on the go and are packed with protein
    • Protein powder can be added to homemade shakes or to a bottle of water
    • Cream cheese and nut butters can be added to fruit or crackers and are filled with protein as well as calories
    • Granola or oat flour can be used in baking to add calories to most batters
    • Avocados are filled with good calories and can be eaten on toast, mixed in a shake, or even mashed up for babies to eat

Foods to avoid:

    • Unpasteurized dairy
    • Unwashed fruits and veggies
    • Raw or undercooked meat
    • Cold or undercooked deli meats and hot dogs

These foods can cause foodborne illnesses, and people with suppressed immune systems are at a higher risk of this.

General tips:

    • Avoid “fat free” alternatives
    • Pack healthy snacks for hospital visits
    • Try using the grocery pick up option at a local grocery store to get fresh food while avoiding large crowds
    • Pack or serve food in fun/colorful containers to make the child excited to eat

Studies show that breastmilk can protect against childhood cancer. Other studies also show that breastmilk contains a protein-lipid that causes death to cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unaffected. Combined with health benefits for mom and emotional benefits for both the child and mother, breastfeeding is a great choice for those that are able. The nutritious milk can also be added to baby food and baked goods to increase their nutritional content!

Addi’s Faith Foundation works to support families in their efforts to feed their children healthy foods during cancer treatment. While inpatient, hospitals usually do not provide a meal for the parent or guardian. Families can request a mead delivery gift card HERE. AFF also caters freshly made meals each month to Texas Children’s Hospital and MD Anderson in Houston.