Ugggg y’all! It’s a hot (and I mean, Texas-in-August hot!) day and I’m going through my mounds of mail.

Sitting before me, are 10 new applications requesting help from Addi’s Faith Foundation. TEN! And those are all from a 2 week time span. I’m reading things like:

  • I’m off work until the end of the year without pay to take care of my daughter.
  • We live far from the hospital so it is hard to get back and forth from home, hospital, and work.
  • I have gotten behind in my bills and my car is in repo status. I am a single mother and I am having a hard time juggling everything.
  • This has definitely been a struggle for our entire family but we have a strong little 4 year old who is going to fight this leukemia!

The struggle is real people. Caring for a child with cancer is a full time job and a drain on your resources. It’s not easy to put your sick child on the back burner so you can go to work. On the other hand, it’s equally difficult to not work and be without the money necessary to care for your child. It is a vicious cycle with no real winner.

I understand this better than most, and that is why we started Addi’s Faith Foundation. Luckily, I no longer have the struggles of caring for a sick child. (Truly people, poisoning your child with chemo is just flat our horrific). Now I have a different struggle…keeping up with the demand for help. AFF is receiving far more requests than we have the resources for and it is tugging on my heart. I do realize that we can’t help everyone (childhood cancer is not quite as rare as people would like to think!) But I’m finding it difficult to say, “I know your kid has cancer and is literally fighting for his life. I understand that you want to be by his side but also need to work. I sympathize with you, knowing that this is more than a parent can bear and I realize that you need help. But so sorry. Too bad. Can’t help ya.” Uggggg y’all! That just sucks!

I need your help and my appeal to you is this. Please consider a monthly donation to Addi’s Faith Foundation. Whether you give $10 a month or $100, your monthly gift will allow us to say, “Yes! We can help!”

It’s so easy to do! Simply donate online and check the ‘monthly’ box under ‘donation frequency’. Your card will be charged monthly and you won’t have to do anything else. Cancelling or changing your donation amount is as easy as contacting me.

I know that there are lots of worthy causes out there vying for your donations. I am also fully aware that I sound like Sally Struthers when I say that you can make a true difference for less than your monthly Starbucks fix. (Just because it sounds corny doesn’t mean it isn’t true!) But I do hope you will consider my plea and take the next step in becoming a monthly donor to Addi’s Faith Foundation.

Thanks in advance!


Me and my little Addi Monkey! Love you sweet girl!