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September 2019
Leah's Update

“She is doing ughhhhh mazing! She’s been in remission since April 2019 and we pray we stay that way! She’s a lil sass of me! She started preschool 2 weeks ago and loves it ! Her lil curly hair is growing fast too! My heart is so full as i write this to u !! Thank u again for all u do! We love addis foundation!”

Lauryn Criswell - Pineoblastoma

Lauryn is a sweet 5-year-old who adores her younger sister and has a smile that melts your heart. She is rarely seen without her little stuffed animal friend, Trixie, who is helping her cope with all the yucky stuff that goes along with a cancer diagnosis.

When a typical bout with strep throat didn’t get better and symptoms changed, Lauryn’s parents took her to the emergency room. While she was there she had a seizure and a CAT scan revealed a brain tumor.

Lauryn has a long road of treatments ahead. With frequent visits to the medical center and no paid time off, financial stresses have popped up quickly.  

If you would like to help Lauren and other children battling cancer, donate today!


All stories are similar when you read it but behind each one is a struggle… struggle to keep your baby alive, struggle to buy food, pay bills. Foundations like Addi’s Faith are truly a Godsend for families like us. My son was 9 months old when diagnosed with leukemia and our whole world got upside down. We were overseas working, and the treatment started there right away. We were told that he needed a transplant, but they couldn’t perform it. We were given 3 days to leave the country to continue the treatment. Luckily, we were able to come to Houston and literally went from airport directly to the hospital. Thanks God, the treatment was successful, and my son is in remission right now. We needed to stay close to the hospital after discharge and now the other struggles came in to our lives – where to live, where to work, furniture, baby’s stuff… Lucky for us, I met Jessica Gilbert. With her amazing assistance we were able to get help with furniture, baby’s clothes and some funding for bills from Relief Project and Addi’s Faith Foundation. We are greatly thankful for their much-needed support and help, and to all the wonderful people who donated and made our world more peaceful! All of you truly gave us a needed shoulder to lean on at such difficult time. God bless you all.

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