September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and before the month is over, another 1,300 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer.

Although childhood cancer has been around for a long time, we are just scratching the surface when it comes to awareness. In fact, it has only been 10 years since Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was first declared by Barack Obama in 2010.

Here are just a few (of many!) things I want you to know about the GOLD RIBBON and the message behind it.

While some pediatric cancers, like ALL – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – have a 90% cure rate, others, like Glioblastoma – a type of brain tumor – are down around 20%. Of those who do survive, 60% will suffer devastating long-term effects like secondary cancers, heart disease and infertility.

Clearly, we have some work to do.

In honor of this month’s 1,300 kids who will begin their fight, here are some ways YOU can help!

Purchase with Purpose -

Many products also support the fight against childhood cancer. When looking for you next gift, remember to make your purchase do double duty!

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Start a Facebook Fundraiser -

Just this year, our awesome supporters who have created Facebook Fundraisers have collectively raised almost $10,000!!! It’s easy to set up and makes a HUGE impact!

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Spread Awareness -

Many people are not aware that pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children. Or that less than 4% of funding is allocated to pediatric cancer research. Or that some pediatric cancers are still 100% fatal. You can help spread awareness by staying connected and sharing our message within your network.

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Commit to a Monthly Gift -

Why stop after September? Join the fight year-round with a monthly gift. $10 – $20 – or $100…your support will have a lasting impact in the lives of children battling cancer now and in the future. MORE INFO

TODAY… another 43 children will be diagnosed with cancer.

For their sake, DO SOMETHING. The ideas listed above are just a handful of many ways YOU can help change the outcome for the next child diagnosed.


Forever grateful – Amber