Problem: Childhood cancer research is grossly underfunded. With 12 different types of childhood cancer (and dozens of subtypes) some of the rarest of these cancers can go decades without any progress. Current treatment protocols cause long-term chronic health issues including organ damage, fertility issues, and even secondary cancers.

Solution: Provide more funding for childhood cancer research.

Addi’s Faith Foundation has already given $964,209 to MD Anderson Cancer Center for a project that is seeking therapeutic options for recurrent brain tumors in children. AFF (and other organizations like it) provided the necessary “seed money” in order to collect the preliminary data and this project has now attracted additional governmental funds and is currently enrolling patients in the clinical trial. More info.

What is “seed money”?
In order to receive high-level government or corporate money, researchers first have to gather data and show results. However, this data cannot be collected without the funds to support it. This is a true predicament and leaves a lot of brilliant, potentially life-saving ideas unexplored. That’s where AFF steps in! We invest in new ideas, helping to plant the seed for the next big breakthrough and eventually A CURE!

Addi’s Faith Foundation has made a 5 year, 1 million dollar pledge to MD Anderson to continue their research with pediatric brain tumors. Future Research Studies Include:

  • Companion Phase-1 trial to assess novel imaging agents to monitor immune cell trafficking and persistence
  • Correlative studies with ATRT
  • Biomarker development
  • Screening to identify additional targeted agents and immunomodulatory agents

Research Lab Dedicated to AFF

We are thrilled to announce that the Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Research Lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center was named in memory of Addison Faith Bender. We humbly share this honor with each and every one of Addi’s Faith Foundation’s generous supporters.  READ MORE

MD Anderson Research Lab dedicated to AFF

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