Our Mission

At Addi’s Faith Foundation, we know that TOGETHER we are stronger.

We are committed to being an organization in which everyone is respected and heard. We will strive to build diverse and inclusive teams from various backgrounds, identities, and experiences, knowing that this will positively impact our mission and the families we serve. And we will continue to embed diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equality in everything we do.

Our mission needs EVERYONE working together.

Our Staff

Amber Bender
Co-Founder/Executive Director
Kim Bowman
Event Coordinator
Shanna Doherty
Associate Director
Cathy Ferrera
Director of Athletic Events
Jessica Gilbert
Director of Family Relief

Volunteer Staff

Lisa Holley
Holley's Hope - Grief Support

Board of Directors

Amber Bender
Co-Founder/Executive Director
Jonathan Hoyme
Board Member
Troy Ahers
Board Chairman
Niki Dixon
Board Member
Shana Koehler
Board Treasurer
Tim Studdert
Board Member
Heather Keller
Board Secretary

Executive Committee

Tony Bender
Co-Founder and
Executive Committee
Amy Aherns
Executive Committee
Karl Koehler
Executive Committee